About us
My research and technology development organization
Plestenjak Jože
develops environmental devices based on new techniques and technologies, since 1975. My research and technology development spheres extend to fields of hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics and drying kiln devices.

Because of harder environmental demands due to global climate changes, I decided to develop a new generation of low energy drying kilns with mobility possibilities.

That drying kiln is protected by industrial intellectual property in 83 states
[WO 99 / 23430].

Realizations that have been granted in passed 6 years:
84 Patents for Complex drying kiln - Futura®,
1 Patent for drying kiln device,
1 Patent for thermodynamic devices,
1 Patent for distance vented sticks for stacking,
8 utility models,
1 trademark: Futura®.









Jože Plestenjak