About Futura
The aim of the present patented invention, is to offer an production license for a efficient energy rational and consequently economical drying device, with ability of a controlled process of humid transfer from wood in specific atmospheric conditions by travel air, to achieve improvement of quality of drying wood, which include known drying effects, by the construction of the kiln volume proportional to fulfill dimensional and transport standards of transport containers, thus making possible the drying device being exploited by end user as a stationary or mobile type.

New generation drying kiln is granted with patent in 83 States.

Drying kiln for wood and other BIO products Futura® combines innovative techniques and also technology, its excellence is acknowledged worldwide. Its drying solutions offers the pre-heating of wood which later automatically passes to a combination of aerodynamic-condensation-convection drying with a partial air exchange.
By the programme of drying and the selected schedules, the combination of ways of drying offers a high quality of dried wood to the desired final moisture content in a short time and with a low energy consumption.

The drying unit does not need additional energy connections for operation. This is one of several reasons why Futura® is environment friendly. With a single investment we avoid additional costs for:
>high cost equipment for a boiler house for burning wood waste, which is one of the most demanding and expensive systems,
>high cost and demanding maintenance of installations.

The emissions of CO2 and atmosphere heating produced by a large number of great and smaller burning sources is of great concern today. Many of these problems can be avoided by exploitation Futura® drying units.

Energy saving is achieved with appropriate temperature insulation of the whole heating unit, which gives a rapid return on investment.

The Futura® drying unit is constructed in the form of a mobile container. It is delivered to the user by any transport means used in container transport. The drying unit is designed for a quick positioning on a flat surface with a forklift truck or a truck crane.
When positioned it only has to be connected to an electric supply and a computer and then the drying can start. The drying equipment is completed by the final producer.