Energy & Ecology

The drying kiln Futura needs only electrical energy (on average 4KW/h) and does not need any additional energy connections for operation. With its technology drying kiln Futura optimizes the whole procedure that is why it needs minimal heat energy.

The user is able to start with drying of the wood immediately after purchasing the drying kiln Futura. With this single investment the client avoids waiting and additional costs for:
>High cost equipment for a boiler house for burning wood waste, because the consumption of the heat energy in the kiln is minimal.
>High costs and demanding mainte- nance of installations.
>Costs of building license and other license, which is simply not necessary for this kind of device.
>Pre-arrangements for starting and operating, because the drying kiln Futura is totally independent regarding the infrastructure conditions in which
it works.

Results of analyses and comparison
>Comparative analyses showed that the drying costs in the Futura® complex drying kiln are almost 17 % lower than in low temperature condensation drying and 327 % lower than in high temperature condensation drying.
>The consumption of electrical energy is 30 % lower in comparison with high temperature condensation drying.
>The comparison of the use of electrical energy per one kilogram of evaporated water showed that consumption in low temperature condensation drying units is 243 % higher than in the Futura® drying kiln, and the electrical energy consumption is 435 % higher in a high temperature condensation drying kiln.

Being friendly to the environment, the device is on the top of the world's technology and the following facts can confirm it:
>The emissions of CO2 and atmosphere heating produced by a large number of smaller sources is of great concern today; many of these problems can be avoided by using Futura drying kiln due to its low energy consumption.
>Due to low energy consumption we do not have any influence on the existent infrastructure and we do not increase energy consumption on the location of the operation.
>The Futura drying kiln does not produce any harmful by-products because the technology itself dictates that only water can be extracted out of wood.
>The drying kiln Futura does not have any construction influence on the location of the installation and therefore does not change the infrastructure of the environment.