Operation & Use
Loading and unloading of the kiln is performed by the means of rail carriage platform. The patented distance vented stickers render possible longitudinal ventilation of the stacking, control of air movement including better drainage of moisture from the wood surface, and at the same time their design enables ventilation through the stickers as well as on the contacts of the wood with the stickers which eliminate sticker stains, normally causing defective coloration of the wood. The desired climate can be maintained in the drying kiln with its volume of 22 m3 without any problems. This also applies to the ventilation and the so called air break-though the whole stack by-passing all elements, and to the appropriate preparation of the quantity of air for drying. The air is dried or moistened immediately after its exit from the stacking in the so-called “power house” of the kiln. With the appropriate regulation of drying schedules
the required air climate in the kiln is gradually obtained and can be regulated very accurately. Thus the wood is drying steadily and evenly, without great changes of climate. In case freshly sawn wood has to be dried, the gradual drying of wood passes from the stage of pre-drying to the stage of drying, conditioning and finally, the cooling process. The drying temperatures of up to 50°C ensure drying without the risks which are caused by aggressive drying at high temperatures (defects in the form of various cracks, splits, encrustation, and color-changes). Drying at temperatures up to 50°C preserves the quality of the wood. Due to steady non-aggressive drying the moisture gradient in wood can reach the highest quality.

The placing of separate components is well chosen and tested. The vent for pre-drying enables a adequate exchange of air. A temperature condensation device makes exceptional use of the system, taking a part of the saturated cooled air from the stacking and dehumidifying and heating it. By means of the vent for a partial exchange of air a part of the saturated air in the kiln is exchanged for fresh air. Adequate air flow in the kiln is generated by least two special axial ventilators. The moisturizing device uses soft decalcified pre-heated water for the occasionally required moisturizing. The water is not sprayed over the wood but into the circulating air in the drying area. Thus the air enters the stacking properly prepared. By a specific climate in the complex drying kiln, wood is dried to the desired final moisture content in a short time. An electronic psychrometer is placed in the drying kiln to monitor the moisture content of the wood. Monitoring moisture content in wood is performed by four measuring sensors. The sensor temperatures have been pre-tested. The drying equipment can be managed by the automatic remote control through a computer, on which drying in 32 units can be controlled.

Thorough preparation of the automated drying kiln management optimizes the drying process and facilitates the whole process. A graphical display of the drying process is recorded by the computer.

We can monitor the current situation in the kiln at any time without having to leave the office or our working place.

The Futura drying unit is constructed in the form of a standard mobile container. It can be delivered by any standard transport means used in container transport, which represents the drying kiln Futura as a mobile device independent on surrounding conditions. When delivered to the user, the drying kiln unit is positioned on the desired place, connected to an electric supply and ready to use.

>The complex drying kiln Futura regarding its capacity is not intended only for small users of dry wood. Several Futura drying units enable bigger availability of dry wood and therefore enable such users drying of different types and dimensions of wood, smaller storage areas and more flexibility on further production. Due to the concept of the drying kiln Futura the drying itself is very steady and of quality throughout the entire drying area, therefore deviations and irregularities are minimal.
>The drying kiln management is going through the computer, which can be placed in the next-door building. The user only has to specify the type, thickness and desired final moisture content, the rest is done automatically by the drying kiln.